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On April 11, Zoomlion released the world's first hybrid all-terrain crane ZAT2200VE863. This product is another innovative achievement made by Zoomlion in the fields of new digital, new energy, and new materials after the release of the world's first pure electric crane, demonstrating China's advanced technology in the development of new energy and all-terrain cranes. Global leading strength.


In recent years, driven by policy encouragement and market demand, the construction machinery industry has accelerated into the new energy era. Hybrid construction machinery has the characteristics of low fuel consumption, less pollution, low noise, and high energy efficiency, which is conducive to promoting energy transformation and technological upgrading in the industry.

The ZAT2200VE863 hybrid all-terrain crane is a product that reflects the comprehensive technical strength of Zoomlion. Based on the technical achievements accumulated in the fields of new energy and cranes, the ZAT2200VE863 has an advantageous hybrid output performance and realizes the complementary advantages of the two power systems of electricity and fuel. Driven by the gasoline-electric dual-engine, the ZAT2200VE863 is more powerful, with a maximum output power of 360kW.

According to reports, the product has three lifting operation modes: pure electric operation, plug-in operation, and fuel-powered power generation operation, which can fully adapt to various working conditions and application scenarios. Among them, in the pure electric operation mode, the device can work independently with the battery for 8 hours. During the operation in plug-in mode, the external 380V AC power can be used to charge the battery of the vehicle. When the battery power is insufficient or the site cannot be plugged in, the chassis fuel engine drives the generator to generate power to provide power for the lifting operation, and the diesel engine always runs in the economical fuel consumption range matching the motor, saving 35% compared to conventional fuel-fired cranes.

According to the relevant technical person in charge of Zoomlion, since the pure electric and plug-in modes do not consume fuel and urea, they are more environmentally friendly and economical. According to estimates, the use of pure electric operation on the car can save more than 100,000 yuan in fuel costs compared with the same tonnage of fuel vehicles.


Compared with the 25-ton cranes currently launched at home and abroad, the tonnage of Zoomlion ZAT2200VE863 has been increased by nearly 10 times, reaching 220 tons. At the same time, the main boom of this product is fully extended 85 meters, and the maximum lifting capacity of the fully extended boom is 7.2 tons.
According to national policies, industry trends and market demands, Zoomlion continues to strengthen the integration and innovation of new technologies such as new digital, new energy, and new materials. High-end products continue to emerge, and market competitiveness continues to increase, forming a combination of technology implementation and product iteration. A virtuous circle. It is precisely because of continuous breakthroughs in new technologies and other aspects that the ZAT2200VE863, the world's first all-terrain hybrid crane, has been achieved.

Prior to this, Zoomlion released high-end and innovative products such as the world's first pure electric truck crane and the industry's first domestically produced carbon fiber boom pump truck. Based on accurate grasp of market demand and technical accumulation over the years, Zoomlion's new energy products have covered cranes, pump trucks, mixer trucks, aerial work platforms, emergency equipment, excavation machinery, mining machines, heavy-duty chassis and other series. It adopts a combination of pure electric, hydrogen fuel cell, and hybrid power.

The release of the world's first hybrid all-terrain crane is a new achievement of Zoomlion's technological innovation and product research and development, as well as a new starting point. In the future, Zoomlion will adhere to technology-driven, continue to upgrade in the direction of new digital, new energy, and new materials, and lead the digital, intelligent and green development of the industry.

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